We are always looking for enthusiastic and passionate volunteers. In exchange for providing of your time, and after the Health & Safety Induction Course, you will receive training in the care and welfare of the birds. Those who show dedication and aptitude will receive further training on handling, and the maintenance of birds and equipment.


No one should be under the impression that they will be handling birds within a few days of arriving. There is an awful lot of dirt to clean up for a long time before anyone touches a bird.


Working at the centre and becoming involved with the Owls, Hawks, Falcons and Eagles requires dedication and passion. Working in such an environment is not for everyone. Experience tells me that most who feel they can work at the centre only last a few days. There are volunteers who have given of their time for quite a few years, those are few and far between. I'm afraid most young people these days do not have what it takes to stick it out and eventually become part of the team. I am always happy to be proved wrong.


If you are interested in signing up to volunteer, then please contact the centre either by phone or e-mail.