We try to provide visitors to the centre with an educational experience as well as providing the opportunity to get up close to the birds. Where possible we provide a guided tour, informing visitors of habits, habitat, threats and the individual character of the bird, as well as the reasons for the bird being at the centre. The information plates with status indicators, visitor guides, handbooks, and the guided tour, all go towards providing a complete insight to each species.



The classroom at the centre contains displays of equipment, feathers, eggs, and information sheets. These displays not only assist in the education of visiting school groups, they provide visitors with the opportunity to study Birds of Prey in greater detail.



The centre provides education visits to many local schools, nurseries, youth groups, and organisations. In most cases, the lecture and the birds provided will tie in with a theme or project being undertaken by the establishment. The birds that attend such visits are carefully selected, ensuring their nature and behaviour is suitable for the age group and the venue. 


Visits to the centre for education purposes are welcomed. Again, the visit will be organised to suit the particular theme. The new classroom can accommodate groups of up to thirty children, so, no matter what the weather may be like, the children will be warm and comfortable. Some of the birds are trained to fly within the classroom.


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If you are considering a group/educational visit you are encouraged to phone/email in advance to arrange a bespoke package and take advantage of group discounts.