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Flying Shows

Please refer to the Latest News page for up-dates on flying shows and other information.


During your visit you will see our birds in flight during our daily flying shows. We fly a variety of Kestrels, Falcons, Hawks, Owls and Eagles. The variety depends on the time of year. Our unique flying area ensures the birds are flying in close proximity in a natural setting. Some may even be flying over your head.



You will see these flying predators demonstrate their skills while we tell you about their unique features. Not only will you learn about the individual bird, but you will also hear about the species in the wild, conservation, and how we can ensure their future survival.


You will watch some of them as we simulate a hunt, the hawk chasing imitation prey, using it’s speed and agility to catch the lure.


Flying Show Times (Except in extreme weather)


February to October. 11:30am & 2:00pm 


Please ensure you are seated at least five minutes before the flying show. 


Once a bird has started it’s flying show, entry to the flying area is not allowed. Visitors will be asked to wait until that particular show has finished. 


During the flying shows we ask that visitors remain seated, do not approach the barriers, keep noise to a minimum, and ensure small children are closely supervised at all times.



Flying Displays