Falconry -The art of hunting wild quarry in its natural habitat using a trained bird of prey.

A Falconer:- One who practices the art of falconry using a trained falcon.

An Austringer :- One who practices the art of falconry using a trained hawk (goshawks traditionally).


The earliest records of falconry date back to the 7th Century BC in China with some evidence to suggest its origins begun in Mesopotamia, dating to approximately 2,000 BC.


Bayeux tapestry 11th Century dipicting Falconry

It was first introduced to Europe by the Huns/Alans incursions to the Roman Empire in the 4th and 5th Century AD. Evidence of the wide practice of falconry in Saxon Britain is evident in the year 875 AD. It rapidly became popular amongst, and exclusive to, the nobles of medieval Europe due to the prerequisite commitment of time, money, and space.


Here is the lesson 1000 years later nothing has changed and if you wish to pursue falconry as a hobby…..don't as it is not a hobby. Falconry or the care of any bird of prey still requires a lot of time, money, and space and is a full time commitment. A bird of prey is not a pet it is a companion and requires a lot of work I actively discourage people from taking on birds of prey, including owls.


There are many pre-requisites before anyone considers owning a hawk.


Do you have permission to hunt on ground containing adequate and suitable prey?

What type of prey is available ?

- The type of prey available will dictate the species of hawk you hunt with.

Do you know someone who has, and hunts, the species of hawk you require?

- Is that person willing to allow you to accompany them on hunting trips to enable you to learn the sport?

- Is that person willing to act as your mentor for the period of time required for you to become competent?

- Is that person willing to assist in your training?

Do you have the time and committment to provide for the hawk?

Do you have adequate space for the hawk's accommodation?

Is there a local vet who is proficient in the care and treatment of birds of prey?


These are just a few of the questions you must be able to answer "YES" to, before you even consider buying a bird of prey, or, consider yourself a "Falconer".  If you answer "NO" to any of the above do not be disheartened as we have plenty of birds to admire without the commitment.